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To each their own

By Alyson Core (Christian-USA) My husband, Andrew, and I ended up heading to Meijer after he got home from work to pick up a few things, and the trip solidified why I love living in Columbus. My daughter, Andariel’s fascination with my shiny scarf, and my husband’s support made me super confident leaving the house. Upon arriving, I received some …

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I got a better understanding behind the tradition of the hijab

By Mary (Christian-USA) Memphis Central High School gathered together to raise awareness for our hijab wearing sisters today! Our school’s international club came up with the idea to make this day a school wide event. As soon as I walked into the school I saw a huge group of ladies all getting help with their scarves. Seeing so many people …

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My venture with hijab

By Ella Sibley (Christian-UK) I work as an assisstant chaplain at the University of Roehampton and a female muslim student invited me to take part in the World Hijab Day. It was a particularly out-and-about day for me, so definitely an interesting experience – the morning in Devon, then a coach back to London, a trip into central to meet a …

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An eye-opening experience

By Neah Carney (Christian, USA) I was born into a relatively conservative Christian home and consider that as my Faith of choice. However, when I came upon an advertisement on Facebook for World Hijab Day, seemingly by chance, I decided to participate. I think Islam is a beautiful religion with beautiful people when practiced as it is meant to be (with …

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Hijab: A Life Changing Expression of Beauty

By Katrina (Christian, USA) World Hijab Day marks a beautiful, new beginning to a more enlightened spiritual journey for me. I have never worn a Hijab before this moment. As a Christian, my hijab represents a stand for true beauty and modesty. It also represents a connection with millions of women around the globe who share that same sentiment. Without …

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Pastor in Hijab

By Adrienne Anne Hickman I am a Christian minister in America.  Although I don’t always wear hijab, often times I do in prayer/dua, in daily routine, and even in church!!! God sent me many beautiful Muslim friends. Really, I cannot imagine my life without them. They have been there for me in good times and bad. Some Christians have taken issue …

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