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To each their own

By Alyson Core (Christian-USA)
My husband, Andrew, and I ended up heading to Meijer after he got home from work to pick up a few things, and the trip solidified why I love living in Columbus. My daughter, Andariel’s fascination with my shiny scarf, and my husband’s support made me super confident leaving the house.

Upon arriving, I received some stares, but nothing my husband or I felt were negative, just curious. Throughout the store was the same, though there was one couple that seemed a bit uncomfortable and would hurry from the aisle if we came down it. Oh well. To each their own, I suppose. When we got to the self-checkout lane, the gentleman working those lanes came rushing over to help scan our large items with a big smile on his face. As we were leaving, the young woman working the other self-checkout complimented my scarf and talked to me for a few minutes before we headed to the car. She is Muslim, and I see her there all the time in her beautiful hijabs.

Overall, today was an amazing experience, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event!!!

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  1. Masha Allah Allah blessing on your family