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I wear hijab in secret

By Juliana (MN, USA)

I actually wear hijab in secret. I am Christian and Cherokee from Minneapolis, MN and it is not widely accepted here. It is unlikely to receive support from friends and some family. Therefore, I only wear hijab when I know I will not run into them.

I feel so much more comfortable covering up. Hijab has been speaking to me for a long time and World Hijab Day is the first day I will proudly wear hijab in front of friends and family. I am hoping I can find the courage to continue wearing hijab happily and proudly for many days to come after. It is hard without support, but I think I have found truth in hijab.

I am such a better person when I am wearing it. I am constantly reminded to pray and be kind. I hope this day can help someone else find the joys of hijab as I am finding now.

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  1. My family accepts it, my husband does not. I feel empty without it. I’m not “allowed” to practice openly. I’m reduced to prayer when he isn’t home, or while I shower. Allah should not be loved in secret, Sisters. WE NEED TO BE STRONG.
    It doesn’t matter what they think. Allah is paramount.

  2. same here when i bought my first hijabs i used the excuse of buying it for a friend and it wasn’t until last year when i met this wonderful sister in my music theory class who inspired me to freely embrace and wear the hijab

  3. beautiful. i love that.

  4. May Allah Bless You Dear Sister. 🙂

  5. I used to do that for 2 years now I wear a turban in front of my family and they think is just fashion but insha Allah everything will get better and believe me with time you will find the courage

  6. …. so do I….
    in place where I live there is a lot of people who judge the hijab women. They treat them as terorist women.
    so I wear it in secret.