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I was as ignorant as the news media had programed us to be

By Sallie Jones (Non-Muslim, USA) About 4 years ago, I met the kindest and warmhearted woman and her Muslim family so that was my introduction into what World Hijab Day (WHD) is.  Ever since then, I have felt strongly about supporting and honoring her and her fellow sisters for their freedom of choice.  Ever since, I have been educating myself …

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I have reverted from the darkness to this Light

By Syeda Azima Wahid (UK) I was born to a Muslim family in Bangladesh. My family was not that religious. My mother did not wear hijab. She was a beautiful, stylish woman. I say ‘she was’ because sadly she passed away from breast cancer in 2007. We moved to London, England in 2004 and that time I was this rebellious …

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From beauty pageant to full-time hijabi

By Rosshelle Nanding (Philippines) I was born in a Muslim family but if you knew how I lived my life as a teenager and as a young professional, I would probably be the last person you could ever imagine wearing the hijab. With that, I meant I used to join beauty pageants and fashion shows. I used to value the trends …

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5 things I learned after wearing hijab for 365 days

By Samantha (USA) Recently my friend notified me that my story that I submitted last year for world hijab day made the rounds back onto the page again. I thought I’d share what I’ve learned in my one year of wearing hijab. While one year is a short time in comparison to the 24 years I’ve been on this earth, I …

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The light on a dark journey

By Siddiqah Mohammed (Australia)  I have struggled with hijab for years all through high school. After attempting to wear it a few times and being unsuccessful, as I never really understood the concept and principles of hijab in Islam besides that it “makes” you a Muslim woman. However, 2014 was a life changing year for me after moving from an island …

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Being covered doesn’t limit us

By  Nudžejma I’ve been wearing hijab for almost 8 years. My Hijab is beautiful part of me. Material covering my hair should not make me seem withdrawn or creepy. If you ask me, I think it makes me more open to answering questions and hearing comments. I think it makes me different. I think it makes me strong. Being covered …

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