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Hijab: A Life Changing Expression of Beauty

By Katrina (Christian, USA)

World Hijab Day marks a beautiful, new beginning to a more enlightened spiritual journey for me.
I have never worn a Hijab before this moment. As a Christian, my hijab represents a stand for true beauty and modesty. It also represents a connection with millions of women around the globe who share that same sentiment. Without shared experiences, we cannot gain a suitable perspective of similarities amongst us; we become immune to valuable relationships and prone to disregard and misconceptions. Wearing a Hijab reflects a lifestyle of dignity, modesty, and honor–I love that! As I discover more truth about Islam and myself, I’m filled with joy as I stand here in unity holding (virtual) hands with you. My Hijab is reshaping me into a more whole person and it is the truest reflection of who I am. As an engineer in a large corporation, one can lose herself quite easily in the hustle of climbing the corporate ladder–my Hijab reminds me that my identity is deeper than beauty or even intelligence.
Thank you for the opportunity to share the World Hijab Day experience. Thank you for sharing truth.
I love my Hijab.❤️

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