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Hijab is self-help book

By Samela (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Hijab, one more part of wardrobe we wear more than other women.

I started with this modest way of dressing during my teenage years (the period of our life when we recognize our ideals).  Back then I felt brave because of hijab. It kind of made me be more aware of the world and the people around me.

It really gave me some power and confidence because the idea of hijab is like some self-help book, which provides you with lot of ‘must do’ in order to become better!

Now, the people who do not like the idea of wearing a head-scarf cannot imagine me without it.  They like me more this way. I wanted to tell my story about how my hijab affects me and the people in my life. They love it.  So I am sure I am doing the right thing.

The point is, if something encourages us to be the very best we can possibly be, then people shouldn’t be prejudice against it because what matters most are our intentions and the results of it.

I believe the beauty is in diversity, just like in nature. My hijab never discouraged me to succeed, to connect, and approach people. It’s rather on the contrary.  It gives me confidence.

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