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An incredibly powerful piece of cloth

By Megan Orr (Christian-Agnostic, USA)

One of my most memorable moments was few years back when I took a comparative world religion class. I ended up going to a Mosque with one of my Muslim friends and her sisters. I remember being very nervous, not because I was scared but because it just seemed like such a foreign religion.

I didn’t think I would feel comfortable. After meeting loads of lovely women, and talking to them about their religion and what wearing a hijab meant for them, I realized how silly I was to be nervous. These were some of the kindest people I had ever met! I really enjoyed studying Islam in that class, and came to realize just how similar it truly is to Christianity.

I think the root of fear and hatred is ignorance, and the only way to solve that problem is by education, and it’s so over due in this country. If more people truly understood Islam, and many other religions, there would be more peace. I also find it ironic how we call women in Hijab “oppressed”, but women walking around in bathing suits is perfectly normal. I think there is something incredibly powerful in choosing what you allow others to see of your body, and forcing them to pay attention to your mind instead. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies, and rock it.

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  1. S.M.Abdullah Al Mamun


    Iwish all of you will continue wear hijab InsahAllah