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Hijab is my identity element

By Sophia Mohamed (USA)

I have not stopped covering my hair since I started wearing the hijab and that has taught me a lot about myself. The hijab has been an important part of me for a long time now and it has made me be closer to my faith. The fact that I have continued to wear the hijab symbolizes my commitment, which is an important trait to have.

Although people still stare at me when I go to new places, I have learned to embrace the hijab. I love the fact that it sets me apart from most of my peers because it gives me a chance to stand out. My school is already full of diversity, so I am glad to add my own piece to the diverse circle. Additionally, I love answering the different questions people ask me because it is an opportunity for me to correct the misconceptions they are accustomed to . The hijab is a powerful piece of clothing because it highlights my modesty and demonstrates my strength. It is a part of my identity that completes who I am and I would be uncomfortable without it.

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