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Hijab protects freedom

By Raghda Moustafa (Cairo, Egypt) I’ve been wearing Hijab for almost my whole life. I have pictures of me wearing Hijab when I was only 6 years old. I have worn it with full contentment. My parents even tried to convince me into leaving it by telling me that I was quite young for it but I always insisted upon wearing …

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I finally found peace in pleasing my Lord

By Reem Brome (Lebanon) My father is Lebanese and my Mother is half Spanish and half Philipina. I was not raised in a strict environment and no one forced me to wear hijab. I have always planned to wear hijab but somehow insisted on putting it off for later thinking that I have enough time since I am young. I …

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“You’re hiding a bomb underneath it”

By Zara  I have grown up in an area where they weren’t many Muslims at all, from what I can remember from my childhood. The only Muslim family in the primary school I went to was my family. I started wearing Hijab (head scarf more precisely) at the age of 9. At first the children around me were curious as …

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Go back to your own country!

By Tina Almoghalliq (Indiana (USA))  I became Muslim in October of 1999 Alhamdulillah. When I converted to Islam, my family didn’t agree with my decision at all. I even provided them with literature about the fundamentals of Islam and what’s required of a Muslim. But that meant nothing to them. Like all Muslim women in western society, I experienced hardships because …

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I am empowered and free

By Lana Tuana Kizilarslan About a year and a half ago, after extensive research into Islam as a Christian evangelist, I reverted to Islam. Islam is a perfect religion with a Perfect God. In the beginning I did not wear hijab, because being from southern California I saw (and knew) no one that wore one. As Allah began to convict …

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