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Hijab protects freedom

By Raghda Moustafa (Cairo, Egypt)

I’ve been wearing Hijab for almost my whole life. I have pictures of me wearing Hijab when I was only 6 years old. I have worn it with full contentment. My parents even tried to convince me into leaving it by telling me that I was quite young for it but I always insisted upon wearing it. Yes, I used to take it off occasionally when I was younger, but that was rare. What made me wear Hijab was seeing my older sister donning it, so I was just copying her. Also the beautiful religious environment that I was raised in helped with my positive decision. Once I understood the true, beautiful, and deep meaning of Hijab, I never regretted wearing it at such an young age. I enjoyed my childhood as normally as any other kid. My parents would take us to the beach, swimming pools etc. So wearing Hijab didn’t steal away MY FREEDOM. Actually it was totally the other way around.  Hijab gave and still gives me the complete freedom that I deserve as a Human being.

A lot of our friends (mine and my two sisters’)  have worn Hijab because they were inspired by us and that is something that I really thank ALLAH for, that He chose us to deliver such a beautiful message.

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