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Surprising experiences earn us lifelong friends

By Christine Smith (Christian-Canada)

This message goes out to Sadia, Rahila and other fantastic Muslim women who encouraged me today:

Thank you for supporting me today, and for telling me I was beautiful as I practiced a level of modesty that is not commonly seen in Christian circles. Thank you for laughing with me as I struggled to wrap my hijab and keep it in place, and grinning at my rogue bangs as they struggled for attention. Thank you for the many words of blessing and thoughtfulness and the likes on my photographs as I attempted to document today’s activities wearing a hijab.

Thank you for being you: your modesty, your passion, your humor, and your bravery. Thank you for being vocal that the hijab is not a symbol of oppression but a symbol of your choice to protect modesty in a culture that devalues it. Thank you for accepting me enough to include me today. It was a privilege to stand with you as a sister. I hope to continue doing so.

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  1. Thank you Christine for standing by our side as a sister. Your genuine effort is greatly appreciated.