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My mom begged me to leave Islam

By Naima Blances Shaibu (Sweden)

I reverted to Islam on  April 24, 2015. And I started wearing the hijab two weeks after I took my Shahada (testimony of Islamic faith). It wasn’t easy for me because my family is against my decision to become a Muslim. One of my daughters even told me that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. My mom cried and begged me to leave Islam. But I know Islam is the true religion and I thank Allah that I have been chosen to be one of His servants.

I believe that one day my family will accept me and insha Allah they will be reverted too in Islam. I am proud to be a Muslim and I show it by covering myself and using my hijab.

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  1. May Allah always guide us to do the best things..
    And, always bright our family.. Aameen!!

  2. Thomas Campbell

    Don’t forget. Follow the Salafeh dawah.
    Practice Islam and understand Islam the way the prophet (saw) practiced and understood.

  3. I am so proud of you sis, may Allah reward you for all your sacrifices and may Allah show your family the path to Islam. Islam is the truth indeed hope you receive the highest level of jannah insha Allah…

  4. Masha Allah may Allah bless you and give you the heart to love islam more

  5. this is a really great piece of the topic of converting to Islam

  6. May Allah reward you sister and make your path easy. And may He guide your family to Islam as well, aameen!