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I’m not strong enough to face people in my hijab

By Ena  I am originally from Bosnia. But grew up in the Netherlands and did not have a typical Islamic upbringing. However, on a big part, I was informed about many of the beauties of Islam.  Though it wasn’t until a half year ago, after my personal search for the truth and meaning of life, that I have found peace …

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The Miraculous Quran-My ultimate encouragement

By Juliette Zayat (Lebanon) I started wearing hijab when I was sixteen years old. I chose to wear it because it gave me a sense of protection, I felt safe, and comfortable. My mother was a Christian and at that time, my parents didn’t practice Islam, so we were Muslims only on our ID. I always felt love towards Allah and …

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The Call Answered

By Assia (Spain) I was born and raised in Spain in a Moroccan family. I always loved my religion, Alhamdulillah (God-Graciously) and I loved to learn about it. But I never liked the hijab and never thought that I could wear it. One day I watched a video about Allah  Subhanaho (All-Praised) saying: ‘I respond to the call of the caller’, the Sheikh …

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Beyond the semblance

By Mari (USA) I was born and raised as Catholic. I am now a revert to Islam, Alhamdulillah. I started wearing my hijab in October of last year and I never removed it since then. At first it was tough, my family and friends were not very accepting of it, but sooner they respected my decision and accepted it. Our purpose …

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A token of acceptance

By Barbara Poley (Australia) We had a wonderful event in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia introducing many skeptical women to the joy of wearing hijab. After the event we received the following message from one of the participants: Dear friends, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting us to learn more about you at your World Hijab Day …

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