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My Hijab is the most empowering garment

Marcela Daza (Colombia)

If you think hijab holds you from exploring the world, think again. My hijab is the most empowering garment I ever had. The hijab speaks for me, it tells the world that I’m a Muslim woman, that I believe in Allah (SWT) and I try to follow the prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) teachings. It’s also a reminder of the sunnah (my ethics code) and acts sometimes quicker than my own conscience. It makes me feel connected with this world because as a Muslim woman, I have a moral duty in society.  At the same time, it tells me to keep working my way to Jannah (Paradise).

It’s sometimes an icebreaker and makes me closer to some curious minds and sometimes protects me from the noise in the crowd. It’s my crown, my helmet, my most valuable jewel and at the same time, reminds me to be most  humble. Hijab is not what I wear, it is WHAT I AM.

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