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Would Muslims be offended if Non-Muslims wear the hijab for a day?

Through out the years, we received many questions. However, the most common questions we often get asked by non-Muslims are: “Would Muslims be offended if non-Muslims wear the hijab for a day? Would it be considered as cultural appropriation?”

So, we asked these questions directly to Muslims on our social media.

Here are the responses from Facebook

Vanessa Mae: “I speak only from my own personal view point, but as an American convert of almost 4 years, I’d find this uplifting, a great way to spread understanding and something that would bring great pride and happiness. Alhamdulilah” 

Misty Riahi:I personally would love for non-Muslim to try the hijab! As many questions as us women get about the hijab, I think it will answer a lot of them. It would make me so proud!”

Muslimah Hameeda: “We wear hijaab not as a cultural application but out of religious duty. So no it’s not imo. And mind you, figuratively hijaab is more than the cloth we drape over our heads and bosoms.”

Celeste Wilson:  “My friend and I wore one on World Hijab Day last year! We had asked all our Muslim friends and they had all shown a lot of support and gratitude towards our solidarity.”

Janine Faul: A”s hijab is not CULTURAL it is ISLAMIC. As long as they do so for a good reason and respectfully, why not?!”

Fatima El Hammoudi: “I would not be offended…it would be good for them to see what real Muslimahs go through just for the way we dress as the ways Allah has asked of us…maybe they would get knowledge of truth and realize how ignorance is never good”

Shawna Sumner Haji: “I think that world hijab day is awesome 🖒. Especially in the U.S. and Europe, where women are being attacked and in some places not allowed to wear it at all. If I knew someone who wanted to wear hijab for any reason, I would gently and kindly explain that it’s not just a scarf.”

Reem Souliman “Why would we be
Please do wear it, we’d appreciate it and be thankful for the support
Plus hijab isn’t Just a Muslim thing, women from all religions used to cover their heads in the early days and some still do till today”

Naseesha Basheera Mohammed Ali: “This would be awesome! A first hand experience of the happiness and or persecution we experience on a DAILY BASIS!”

Khadija Amatullah: “We have no monopoly on modesty, hijab isn’t a culture or a costume. Besides, woman in most major religions are required to cover their crowns.”

Syeda Tasmeem: Islam is not the ‘property’ of any one group , nor are Islamic values. So, if are not a Muslim and wish to wear it for a day, go ahead. Wear it out of curiosity, or to show support, to feel free of the chains of modern fashion or to connect to your own history, since women of all religiosity used to wear it at one time.

Jennifer Albalakousy:”I don’t think so, it would be an opportunity of learning for them. Like wise they can share their experiences with us and the masses. Welcome them with open hearts and open arms.”

Fiona Khan:I don’t think so. I think it’s the most fabulous compliment you can pay to Muslim women and our religion. Most importantly it’s about an empowered personal choice”

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Here are the responses we received on our Instagram [@WorldHijabDay]:

faridaelsharkawy: Never in a lifetime! That would be one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to me to see so❤️❤️❤️

fathima.nazneen: Never!! It would be beautiful to witness. It would also give non-Muslims an opportunity to understand how we feel.💞💞

yesitmatters: Hijab is not cultural, and in real Islam Culture comes secondary to the Islams ways and practices.

rudhawakening: I’m not Muslim and wore it for over 6 months. I don’t see how it can be offensive . If anything it is a compliment

the._.invictus: No, Christians and Jewish culture also have the culture of hijab…are we offended? No.

isudah: no who says Hijab is for Muslims only?

qamar_hamaki: Noooooooooo I blv love is spread by respect and trying is one of of the best ways of showing love for a specific culture I personally love when some tells me they wanna try my culture if its hijab or anything else.

rabs.exe: Depending on intention, yes. When celebrities wear it just for publicity, I think many Muslim women would be offended. But if a non-Muslim has a respectful attitude in regards to the hijab, I would never be offended by that

ferozagm: Oh quite the opposite. This will create a better awareness, understanding, love and most of all respect from both sides.

sajiluv93: Of course not!! Actually we should recommend it because they will also get the opportunity to feel the way we feel in daily basis by wearing that beautiful piece of clothe . But I would definitely recommend when we give the chance to wear it , we also need to explain to them why we are wearing and the meaning behind it so they also understand our story behind the Hijab . Once in a while it’s good to step on someone’s else’s shoe that way we can get .01% glimpse of their life perspective. We surely won’t be able to feel exactly as them but definitely there will be openness.

twinkle_twinkle_little_r: Of course not… everyone deserves to dress modestly

msfiorella: @worldhijabday I’m not Muslim and I wear them from time to time and have had no negative comments from my Muslim family and friends ☺️

cecilia0423: No. The Muslims I have met appreciate how non-muslims try to place themselves in their shoes even if its just on World Hijab Day

farhanasyafie: Not at all. Why should we feel offended if thats for good?

najjibrahim: I think it depends. What if someone wears it publicly and then act shamelessly just to destroy the beautiful image of Muslimah. But if it’s for a good cause that’s better

hasnaa_1413: Definitely not as long as respect is there and the intention is good.

nuzha_shai: Nope,tbh it makes muslims happy when it is meant for respect

princessnothman: No. Not at all. We Muslims wouldn’t be offended at all! It’s a sign of respect for us. And that’s what we want from them all – respect!

kingnaimah: No not at all absolutely not it is such a joy when non-Muslim wear it they may not take it back off it’s very wonderful experiences enjoy it💖💖💖😘

sarah_decides_to_smile: Why should it be offending?🤔 if they wear the hijab they will probably know why we wear it and may be it’s gonna help them know better about Islam or it can just show someone that we are normal human beings like them or show them how bad some people treat us just because we chose Islam, so unless they are wearing it to do bad stuff and give wrong impressions about Islam then welcome 😊

granny_with_glasses: I would consider it as a support and thank them 👍🏽

farahismail09: Not at all. …it brings about awareness …which is only a good thing

ushna__dar: I would love to share the feeling of being secure and modest with classy look with my fellow non Muslim sisters.

its_unnaa: Nooo why would they be offended…. Its a good thing to experience such a secure thing..

elizemughal: No..instead i would be happy for them !

arvaxo: No…Covering of the head is not just for Muslims. Hindus, Catholics, Sikhs all cover.

mar.i.am.8: No, especially if they’re trying to get a feel for what living with hijab is like

saynihal: Not at all! On the contrary, it’s a beautiful thought!

remaishere: Absolutely not. I think world hijab day is for everyone Muslim or not Muslim to try hijab for a day.

l.ra.ra.ra: Nope. Had I been given the encouragement to wear hijab before I became Muslim, I would have jumped at it. Hijab is the first question about Islam non Muslims have, and it’s the most common visual sign of a Muslim, so I believe WHD is a great stepping stone to finding out more about Islam, inshaAllah.

aisha_alshaibah: Of course not. We would like them to see and experience that from our view. I think it brings more understanding

adenan69: No, we are not. We are glad that non-Muslims understand the meaning of wearing hijab and would gladly assist them in whatever questions or misunderstanding that they had experienced.

rafiekah.jardine: Why should we be offended when people are supporting us

khuz_aima: We will be rather honoured and absolutely appreciative

tania.ubaid.tu: Not at all even we will be really happy seeing them

thehussaini: It’s their right as much as it is ours, to cover and protect themselves. #Respect

ghadadennawi: Need to remember that Hijab started before Islam. Christians and Jews used to wear it, and some still do;

diamondlayne1: Of course not! I think unity in modesty is absolutely beautiful!

halalmama: I don’t think it’s cultural appropriation unless someone would treat it as a costume and made a mockery out of the hijab – I’ve seen numerous posts of girls wrapping themselves up with scarves and hashtagging “terrorist” etc, making it all a joke 🙄 But noone should be offended if a non-Muslim woman wears a hijab for a day to show support or try to understand the hijabis. Besides, Islam is not restricted to one culture so technically we probably can’t really call it cultural appropriation? This way I suppose all us white Muslims could be accused of such

xoxo_salima_xoxo: Oh no I would feel honored to have them experience what we experience on a daily bases

khadijahrivera: No and if anyone felt that way they would need to check inside themselves…My Catholic cousins have started to cover regularly. It is a part of more religions than just Islam.

hollynagia: No, in fact I encourage other women to wear hijabs and lend some of mine out so they support women that covers.

hmmmsothisinsta: Definitely not,i wld welcome them with open arms.

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