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I have never felt more beautiful and confident

By Fatirah AbdelHalim (USA)

I was raised as a Sunni Muslim all of my life, but living in the states after 9/11, I was very afraid to wear my hijab because I didn’t want people to dislike me or think I supported terrorism. For 12 years I hadn’t worn a hijab in public. And then Ramadan of 2014 came, and ALLAH placed confidence, modesty, and a love for humility in my heart. I put my hijab back on July 7,2014. And I’ve never looked back. I have never felt more beautiful and confident.

Yes, people at work, especially my boss began to look at and treat me differently but I did not care.

The beautiful part of this entire story is there was a guy who came into my job all the time, but never spoke a word to me. The day I decided to wear my hijab he approached my desk and asked me “why are you covering your hair today? Did you become a Muslim?” I was afraid to answer at first, but then I decided to answer confidently. I explained to him that I had always been Muslim and that it was my religious holy month of Ramadan and I decided to return to my tradition and wear my hijab. I turned out that this guy was also a Muslim, from Alexandria Egypt, and was so inspired by my bravery and decision to wear my hijab even though people had become islamophobic. On July 28,2014, after eid prayer the guy met my Abi (father) and the rest of my family, and in unbeknownst to me exchanged numbers with my father. On October 28,2014 he asked my Abi for my hand. On January 10,2015 he and I had our Nikkah (wedding) and have been inseparable since!

I’d like to testify that my hijab is my strength and pride, and without I would have my wonderful husband and beautiful family!

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