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World Hijab Day – 1st February by Mufti Ismail Menk

With some countries having banned the hijab and others considering the same, World Hijab Day creates the much needed awareness in democratic societies of this basic right and educates the masses about the origins and reasons for the hijab.

A large number of non-Muslims show great support for our sisters and get a first hand feel of the hijab by donning it for a day.

Amongst other benefits from last years experience was that many non-Muslims have since actively supported the hijab and show greater appreciation and respect for hijabis.

The idea is also to support those of us shying away due to the incorrect perceptions of the hijab to take the steps we’ve been longing to take.

When the world understands what hijab is, where it comes from and why it is donned, it will appreciate that banning it would do more harm than good.

World Hijab Day is simply to create awareness and educate the world and because reminding is beneficial to all, World Hijab Day is held annually.

Source: Mufti Menk Facebook Fan page 

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  1. Hijab is our dignity to allah sw. Hijab is important to cover ourselves from fitna. And hijab is one of important in my deen. Assalamo alaykom everyone.

  2. nur asmaa zulkifli

    Wearing hijab is a way of submitting ourselves to Allah. Allah asked us to cover ourselves in order to protect us. Protects us from any form of exploitation. Hijab do elevate our honour and based on my own experince, it did protect and safeguard my dignity..as a woman

  3. Hijab , we need to understand that Hijab is Human rights reserved for every believer of Only One True GOD (ALLAH)

  4. may Allah reward you for taking your time to create an important day like this in the life of every Muslim woman

  5. Hijab for women in Islam is of utmost importance.Those who follow are well protected by themselves and by
    the creator,The Almighty Allah.

  6. Assalamu alaikum warehmatullah !! MashaAllah .. u are doing great job ..keep inspire all the Muslims and non Muslims too…. may Allah give u success in both worlds ameen..


    The World Hijab Day (WHD) is a commendable initiative from Muslim promoters. It should be supported and promoted by all Muslims across the world; it is not another Eid nor worship like salat, zakat, hajj et cetera for which innovation is not tolerated, but WHD is just a day dedicated for advocacy and promotion of our cherished culture which has been badly understood and humiliated and in some countries banned. Stand in defense of the dressing of modesty and decency. Imam Luqman AbdurRaheem, Amir, The Muslim Congress