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Muslim ban led me to Islam

By Kimberly A. (USA) In 2017,  I became a Muslim. To be honest,  prior to coming to Islam, I pretty much tried every belief underneath the sun except for Islam.  I was missing something deep inside and none of the beliefs I had tried prior, could fill in the space. I was originally raised as a Christian Evangelical by my …

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Hijab is part of me

By  Stephanie (Romania) I started wearing hijab since I converted to Islam almost 3 months ago, Alhamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah)! I am living in a non-Muslim country. My conversion to Islam came with a huge social challenge. Everybody looked awkwardly at me when I would go out wearing my hijab. They laughed but I kept going and …

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I was mocked and hated

By Lana Kizilarslan (USA) For almost five decades, I was a devout Christian. Once I reverted to Islam I was hesitant to wear hijab. My inner fear would say “what will your family, friends, colleagues, etc. think?” In southern California you can go an entire day without seeing anyone in hijab. During Ramadan 2013, I made the decision to wear …

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They saw it as an asset, not a liability!

By Heather  (United States) I converted to Islam in 2011 after two years of studying it. I simply fell in love with Allah and with the message of the Qur’an. I was deployed in Afghanistan when I took shahada over Facebook chat with a friend, and hijab wasn’t an authorized part of the Army uniform. After I returned home that …

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