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They saw it as an asset, not a liability!

By Heather  (United States)

I converted to Islam in 2011 after two years of studying it. I simply fell in love with Allah and with the message of the Qur’an. I was deployed in Afghanistan when I took shahada over Facebook chat with a friend, and hijab wasn’t an authorized part of the Army uniform. After I returned home that summer, it took me the better part of a year before I started wearing it all the time.

I’ve now been a Muslim for almost 3 years, alhamdilullah. I wear hijab because I want people to recognize me on sight as a Muslim woman. I recently got hired, after six months of job searching and rejection, by a company who thought my hijab was indicative of conviction and inner strength. They saw it as an asset, not a liability! So, to all my sisters who think nobody will hire them if they wear hijab: if it’s that important to you, remain firm and trust Allah. He will provide!

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