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Modesty and beauty goes hand in hand

By Meriem (UK)

I am a revert and I wear a hijab. Also, in transition to wearing a niqab soon. I wear a hijab because first of all, I am a Muslim. I am not oppressed, isolated, nor am I forced to wear it.  It is not only my choice but also my duty to wear a hijab out of love for Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) that I may always please Him and in seeking closeness with Him. I wear a hijab in accordance with the Islamic values of safe-guarding women’s modesty, beauty, and encouraging love of Allah Ta’ala ,ourselves, and our families. Because of our delicate nature and character as women, we are the epitome of beauty in all the world and the hijab represents that Islamic value that protects our very nature to subdue uncontrolled desires and common pitfalls which are often experienced by men and women.  The importance of beauty in Islam is a duty that should be well appreciated. I strongly believe that modesty and beauty goes hand in hand. That is, looking beautiful responsibly without causing fitna (trial). Alhamduli’Allah for guiding me to Islam. So for all of you who are curious about hijabs, why not have a go at it and have a unique and interesting experience for once in your life? What have you got to lose?

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