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I’m not Muslim but I love Muslim people

By Brenda L. Galván [Corpus Christi, TX]

I was raised by two wonderful parents who taught me the values of respect, humbleness, and never discriminating other cultures. Thanks to them, I am who I am now: an open-minded translator and interpreter with sensitivity toward other cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. Even if I’m not Muslim, I love Muslim people. My Muslim friends see me as their little sister. I feel so honored and thankful to God for this.

To those who are racist: We cannot judge all Muslims just because of some radical followers. Remember: every Muslim country is different, every Muslim family has different values and beliefs, and every follower has a different mentality. Unfortunately, millions of innocent Muslims suffer discrimination every day in Western nations. However, those who decide to wear hijab by choice suffer even more discrimination in schools, supermarkets, and even within their workplace.

If we don’t start with ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to live in a more tolerant environment. Yes, I know that prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination are everywhere and it may seem an impossible mission, but we can’t keep pointing fingers all the time. Hijab is a great tool of protection, freedom, and self-respect. Yes, I will wear hijab for a day on Feb 1st, 2014 for the reasons I previously stated and because I have Muslim friends that see me as part of their family.

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  1. Salam. Why women in the world despite the clear injuctions in the holy Bible and the Glorious Quran go nude? Great thanks to the World Hijab Day.

  2. Respect. This world would surely be a better place if there are more people like you. Thank you for being understanding. I’m from Malaysia and here I’ve never experienced any discrimination myself though there are some hijab wearing women were denied job opportunities. Sad.