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My grandmother curses my hijab

By Hayrunnisa(Yin Yee), Hong Kong

My name is Hayrunnisa. I’m Chinese and from Hong Kong. I converted to Islam six months ago. When I wear my hijab, my dad gets angry and stops talking with me . When I wear my hijab, my grandmother curses me. When I wear my hijab, other people discriminate against me.  But I still love my hijab because I love Allah.

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  1. Dear Hayrunnisa,

    Despite the hatred and disapproval you receive, you continue to wear the hijab for the sake of Allah swt. I can only imagine the love Allah swt has for you in return and what blessings there must be in store for you. May Allah swt give you the strength to continue wearing the hijab and may His blessings be with you.

    Love & respect,
    Sister Amra
    Toronto, Canada

  2. Mashallah really your story touch me inchalah god will supprot u untill u familly accept u reverting
    may allah bless u