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German convert tells her hijab story

By Hafsa 
I am a German convert to Islam. I am 26 years old, studying at Hamburg-University.
Before I converted to Islam, I was a very convinced atheist. I thought people who believe in a creator are stupid-may Allah forgive me-and I thought women who wear the Hijab are just poor brainwashed and oppressed women. This is what media is tellig us here in the west. Alhamdullilah some years ago,  I felt that I want to know the truth about my existence: Where do I come from? What am I doing here? And where will I go after death? I suddenly found that this planet is a miracle and I started to research a lot about religion.
Alhamdullilah,  ALLAH guided me to the truth! I have been wearing my Hijab now for more than one year and I feel like:” I decide who is allowed to see my beauty!” I feel very precious now and I feel ashamed when I see undressed women in the magazines who lose their dignity just to earn some  money! Alhamdullilah, I am a Muslima!

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  1. Akram Abdul-Rahman

    I used to live in Germany and I know the Europeans. So for her to accept and wear hijab is a great challenge. May Allah reward all of your efforts. Ameen