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Christian woman supporting hijab

By Julia

I am a Christian and I don’t usually wear hijab. However, I would like to support all the women in the world that have decided to do it. I have met quite a lot of Muslim girls.  They are one of the most wonderful and kind-hearted friends I could imagine. Their hijab have always seemed to me something that show true female beauty and dignity.

I have never considered it to be a tool of oppression.

On this day in particular, I would like to do my best to show you girls my understanding and respect for your faith; to bring the people and religions together; to make you all feel powerful and proud to be women.

Lots of love from Poland!

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  1. Congratulations – Welcome to the religion of ease – and God a accepts us and from you in favor of business

  2. Julia, that’s a very supportive idea. So you now don a headcovering every World Hijab Day?