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The aching delimma of “Human Rights”

By Amina (a Tunisian girl in France)

Which is more concerning to the world? –  A fully covered woman or a barely clothed child?

Actually, if we try to focus on the amount of attention dedicated to the “ hijab is an oppression” issue, we would instantly notice that the world is really driven by Islamophobia to the point that we have forgotten about the real calamities befalling the people as I write this!!

A photo of a Syrian refugee boy walking on the ice with bare feet would get million “likes” on facebook, twitter, and all the social networks from thousands of people. However, none of them is angry enough to walk the streets asking governments to end wars and save those poor children!!

At the same time, we witness thousands and thousands of raging marshals and their manifestos requesting governments to ban “ hijab” in the universities, at work and public parks etc.

What a shame! Isn’t it?

A woman who practices her basic human rights raises more rage than a poor child deprived from his basic human rights!!

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