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If only they saw rape and murder as a bigger problem than hijab

On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that the employers are entitled to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols. Our Facebook fans shared the following sentiments regarding the ECJ’s ruling: “If only they saw increased drug use as a bigger problem than hijab. If only the saw domestic violence as a bigger issue than hijab. If only they …

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The aching delimma of “Human Rights”

By Amina (a Tunisian girl in France) Which is more concerning to the world? –  A fully covered woman or a barely clothed child? Actually, if we try to focus on the amount of attention dedicated to the “ hijab is an oppression” issue, we would instantly notice that the world is really driven by Islamophobia to the point that we …

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It changed my life but I am still me

By a sister from Sarcelles, France I’m half Moroccan and half French and I have been wearing hijab since 18th April 2010. It was one of the most important decisions of my life. A piece of cloth does not define a person but I strongly believe that appearances do have some say, if not much, about a person. I’m very …

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A sister recalls her struggle with France Hijab ban Law

By Hafsa (France) I’ve started wearing the hijab when I was ten years old.  It was my choice.  Of course,  no one forced me to wear it. I know wearing the hijab at an young age was not easy but I was deeply sure that it was my fate. You know being a Muslim in France is not easy especially …

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Being covered doesn’t limit us

By Fatima (Paris, France) Exactly one year ago, I shared with you my story on how being a Hijabi student in France was like on WorldHijabDay.com. Today, 365 and a few more days later, I have understood many things and wanted to share them with you. I understood that people don’t actually hate Hijab. They just don’t understand its meaning and …

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