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Today is the day of our queens, princesses and sultanas

By Sedina Pašalić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Today, women and men went out on the streets in several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There were two reasons for this occasion. The first one was to celebrate the World Hijab Day and to show support for all Muslim women. As one man wrote: “Today is the day of our queens, princesses and sultanas.” The second reason was to show disapproval to the recent decision of High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The decision refers to the employment of people with some kind of religious marking. In that way, they decided that women with hijab cannot work in any public institutions related to law. We went out on the streets to show that the decision is harming our basic human rights in this country and that the way we dress cannot influence our work. So many people supported our peaceful protest, which included non-Muslim people. With this protest, we fight for our basic human rights and we will not stop until this decision changes.

Stay positive dear people, fight for your rights and support others. Do not let anything stop you in your life!

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