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Thank you for letting me walk with you for a day

By Christine Smith (Christian-Canada)

This was my second WHD but my first wearing a hijab to work. I was worried that upon entering a building filled with hundreds of people who know me without a covering, that I would be judged or stared at, or maybe questioned about my motives. I wasn’t sure.

What struck me was the normality of it all. When dressing, I found it hard to decide if it should match my outfit or contrast it. I had no idea on the fashion aspect at all. I fussed with the hijab in nearly the same way I fuss with my hair, when passing my mirrors or catching my reflection. But it was like any other clothing choice: once on, people either said they liked it or they ignored it. No one stared, no one said anything negative, and those that asked were interested in the project itself.

On the internet was a somewhat different story. There, I was challenged in my support of “countries” that force women to wear veils.

I had it easy. I work and live in accepting and diverse spaces. But even in those few comments, I felt the sadness that some of my sisters must feel when by choosing to wear a hijab out of modesty or devotion to their faith, they are immediately judged as being part of an oppressive regime.

We are all the same. Skin colour, geography, and religions are just filters used to divide us. What binds us together is peace, understanding, and respect. Thank you for letting me walk with you for a day.

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