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Hijab was a taboo for them

 By Sittie Rayhanna Tabara (Philippines)  Just want to share how the hijab taught me the true commitment for Islam. Back then, I took an entrance exam for a college I was really interested in. Alhamdulillah, I passed the exam. It is a well known school for nursing which I decided to get as my course. So the next step is …

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My husband associated hijab with oppression

By Sofia Partzsch (Singapore) “It all started during a family holiday to Italy. After stepping out of St Peters’ Basicila, I somewhat heard a whisper “how lucky I am to be a Muslim.” I thought it was weird. A few days later, I was walking alone at Lake Lugano around Maghrib(sunset  prayer  time) and suddenly I had the thought how …

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I am empowered and free

By Lana Tuana Kizilarslan About a year and a half ago, after extensive research into Islam as a Christian evangelist, I reverted to Islam. Islam is a perfect religion with a Perfect God. In the beginning I did not wear hijab, because being from southern California I saw (and knew) no one that wore one. As Allah began to convict …

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