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I have reverted from the darkness to this Light

By Syeda Azima Wahid (UK) I was born to a Muslim family in Bangladesh. My family was not that religious. My mother did not wear hijab. She was a beautiful, stylish woman. I say ‘she was’ because sadly she passed away from breast cancer in 2007. We moved to London, England in 2004 and that time I was this rebellious …

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The Call Answered

By Assia (Spain) I was born and raised in Spain in a Moroccan family. I always loved my religion, Alhamdulillah (God-Graciously) and I loved to learn about it. But I never liked the hijab and never thought that I could wear it. One day I watched a video about Allah  Subhanaho (All-Praised) saying: ‘I respond to the call of the caller’, the Sheikh …

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