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From racism to random act of kindness

By  Hebatallah Azmy (Pennsylvania, USA) On World Hijab Day, I was reminded of July 20th, 2001 … the hot summer day when my 18-year old self proudly decided to wear the beloved hijab! My decision was based more on instinct and a sense of religious obligation on my part. I felt the need to protect myself from all the catcalls, …

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My Awakening

By Diana Villanueva (USA) It has taken me a while to decide how to begin writing this story, but I will start by introducing myself. My name is Diana; I am an ordinary person of flesh and blood. I grew up Catholic, in fact my whole family is. I currently attend to a university and work in a police department. …

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My First Day in Hijab

By Jillian Pikora (Writer, Political Scientist) “Have you always been in our class?” One of my classmates asked me that during my Summer intensive Major British Author’s course. The odd part was that there were only seven students in the classroom. I was always the first to arrive, always spoke in class, and the last to leave. The only thing …

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Not a threat, not a tool of oppression

By Sinéad Mercier (Ireland) This morning I walked into university to attend a conference on the meaning of traditional clothing in the West of Ireland – ‘Threads of Discovery: Cloth, Clothes and Culture’. By some strange and fortunate coincidence, this conference and NUIG’s Malaysian society “World Hijab Day” meeting were in rooms side by side. It seemed decided then, that I …

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Non-Muslim In Niqaab

By Catalina (Atheist, USA) I’ve been a hijabi for about 9 months now. While I am not religious, I appreciate how I feel the hijab liberates me as a woman and allows me more control over my body and the message I want to say to the world. I was very excited about World HIjab Day this year because I wanted …

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