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My struggle with the hijab was a difficult one

By Farheen Naqi (India) Although I live in India now, as a teen, living on a remote island with almost no Muslims (let alone Hijab-wearing women) my struggle with the hijab was a difficult one. Although I always had love for Allah in my heart, the guilt of not obeying Him to the best of my ability was always in …

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“Oh that hijabi over there in the pink scarf”

By Nafeesa (London-UK) After 21 years of being cap-less, why I decided to wear my hijab, and have never looked back since? I like to think of myself as quite a standard, British-Pakistani Muslim woman, waist-deep in Western Culture, the other half of me in Middle Eastern and Pakistani idioms. Like many, I’ve been to high school, college, university. I’ve watched …

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