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My struggle with the hijab was a difficult one

By Farheen Naqi (India) Although I live in India now, as a teen, living on a remote island with almost no Muslims (let alone Hijab-wearing women) my struggle with the hijab was a difficult one. Although I always had love for Allah in my heart, the guilt of not obeying Him to the best of my ability was always in …

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Hijab is part of me

By  Stephanie (Romania) I started wearing hijab since I converted to Islam almost 3 months ago, Alhamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah)! I am living in a non-Muslim country. My conversion to Islam came with a huge social challenge. Everybody looked awkwardly at me when I would go out wearing my hijab. They laughed but I kept going and …

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I’m not strong enough to face people in my hijab

By Ena  I am originally from Bosnia. But grew up in the Netherlands and did not have a typical Islamic upbringing. However, on a big part, I was informed about many of the beauties of Islam.  Though it wasn’t until a half year ago, after my personal search for the truth and meaning of life, that I have found peace …

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One piece of cloth on my head set off so much concern

By L Sofia (Hamburg, Germany) Recently, my husband and I along with our two children traveled from Hamburg to Spain for the two-weeks school break. It was our first travel out of Germany since we migrated here from Singapore. For first time, I was scrutinized ever so thoroughly and felt many pairs of eyes observing my every movement. I can totally …

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From racism to random act of kindness

By  Hebatallah Azmy (Pennsylvania, USA) On World Hijab Day, I was reminded of July 20th, 2001 … the hot summer day when my 18-year old self proudly decided to wear the beloved hijab! My decision was based more on instinct and a sense of religious obligation on my part. I felt the need to protect myself from all the catcalls, …

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