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I was mocked and hated

By Lana Kizilarslan (USA) For almost five decades, I was a devout Christian. Once I reverted to Islam I was hesitant to wear hijab. My inner fear would say “what will your family, friends, colleagues, etc. think?” In southern California you can go an entire day without seeing anyone in hijab. During Ramadan 2013, I made the decision to wear …

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Why Hijab should be considered a basic human necessity

By Nihan Junaid The principle motive of wearing the Hijab being modesty and chastity, a few added benefits are noted in favor of us modern day Hijabis, a few of them being listed below: 1. Don’t leave anything to chance: Bad hair days? Not anymore! 2. Open new windows to change: Afraid to experiment with your hair? You can try whichever style you wish on …

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