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It changed my life but I am still me

By a sister from Sarcelles, France I’m half Moroccan and half French and I have been wearing hijab since 18th April 2010. It was one of the most important decisions of my life. A piece of cloth does not define a person but I strongly believe that appearances do have some say, if not much, about a person. I’m very …

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A sister recalls her struggle with France Hijab ban Law

By Hafsa (France) I’ve started wearing the hijab when I was ten years old.  It was my choice.  Of course,  no one forced me to wear it. I know wearing the hijab at an young age was not easy but I was deeply sure that it was my fate. You know being a Muslim in France is not easy especially …

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Being covered doesn’t limit us

By Fatima (Paris, France) Exactly one year ago, I shared with you my story on how being a Hijabi student in France was like on WorldHijabDay.com. Today, 365 and a few more days later, I have understood many things and wanted to share them with you. I understood that people don’t actually hate Hijab. They just don’t understand its meaning and …

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