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From Androgynous spontaneity to feminine serenity

By Puteri Amelia Nurhananie Binti Azizan (Malaysia) I had never worn hijab until I started teaching law at the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) in 2010.  In the past, I used to wear men’s clothing and was always mistaken for a man due to my androgynous looks, skills, and strength. I was also involved in a few fights and brawls …

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Wear The Hijab- Break the Stereotypes!

By Afeefah Binte Irfan (Pakistan) I am a born Muslim and the family that I am bred in is pretty inclined towards religion. So the idea of significance of Islam and the proper following was innate. The more I matured up, the more I started reading, thinking and well, worrying about the socio-political affairs of the world especially in relation …

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