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World Hijab Day Organization is a non-profit organization which aims to fight discrimination against
Muslim women through awareness and education through the following programs:

Annual World Hijab Day Event:
According to FBI statistics, hate crimes against Muslim in the United States increased by nearly 67% in
2015 compared to 2014 – the worst it’s been since right after the 9/11 attacks. Muslim women who
wear the hijab (head-coverings of Muslim women) are visibly identified and are easy targets of these
hate crimes. According to American Civil Liberties Union: Discrimination Against Muslim Women, 69% of
women who wore the hijab reported at least one incident of discrimination compared to 29% of women
who did not wear it. The purpose of World Hijab Day annual event on February 1 st of every year is to
openly invite women of all faiths to don the hijab for a day to bring awareness about the hijab in order
to normalize the head-coverings of Muslim women.

Corporate Anti-Islamophobia Program (CAIP):
According to American Civil Liberties Union: Discrimination Against Muslim Women, Muslim women
have been denied the right to wear a headscarf while working as police officers and in other
occupations. Women also have been fired for refusing to remove their headscarves. Teachers in public
school have been prevented from wearing religious garb. European Network Against Racism: Forgotten
women: The impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women in the UK found, 1 out of every 8 Muslim women
is asked illegal questions during interviews compared to 1 out of every 30 non-Muslim women. In the
UK, studies have found that Muslim women with a college education are less likely to be chosen for a
job against non-Muslim women with the same level of education. 1 out of every 4 employers hesitate to
hire a Muslim woman based on her religious followings. This type of discrimination often stems from
lack of knowledge and understanding of Islam, specifically the hijab. To lessen/prevent such
discriminations in work settings against Muslim women, World Hijab Day Organization intends to
conduct an outreach program by educating corporations about the Muslim traditions/cultures
specifically educating on the topic of Muslim women through workshops.

Job training and business workshop:
Many Muslim women are discriminated at the job market for simply wearing the hijab. In many cases,
women with hijab have to choose between their livelihood and their hijab. The purpose of this program
is to equip Muslim women with the necessary skills in landing a job without compromising their faith.
Muslimah Mentoring Program (MMP)
Many Muslim women (Muslimah) see the hijab as a roadblock to their success due to the ongoing
discrimination they face on a daily basis. World Hijab Day Organization intends to conduct one to one
mentoring program for Muslim women to unleash their highest potential without compromising their

Online Publication:
World Hijab Day Organization publishes articles written by volunteers, interns, and World Hijab Day
participants about Hijab and topics relating to Muslim Women. The purpose of these articles is to
educate people more about the hijab and clear any misconception relating to hijab and topics relating to

Muslim women. Many articles are stories shared by World Hijab Day participants who are both
Muslims/non-Muslims about their experience in hijab and how it changed their views on hijab and
Muslim women positively. These publications are free to all.

Self-defense class:
Many Muslim are being unfairly targeted for their hijab and physically attacked. It’s important that they
know how to defend themselves. In order to physically empower Muslim women, World Hijab Day
Organization will collaborate with gyms nationwide to offer self-defense.

30-Day Ramadan Hijab Challenge:
Every year during month of Fasting (Ramadan), women of all of faiths are asked to don the hijab for 30
days in order to better understand and experience the hijab. This event is for those who want more than
just one day to experience the hijab. Many Muslim women want to don the hijab and keep wearing it for
life but don’t have the courage to take that first step. This event will provide support to take that first
step with the support of many women around the world. And after wearing the hijab for 21 days, it will
form a habit and will be easier to keep it on, God-willing.

We can only achieve our goal through your support. Please donate generously: