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Curiosity brought me to Islam

By Michelle (Canada)

Although at times it’s very difficult to cover in western culture but I am thankful each day to be a Muslim. I support my fellow sisters from all walks of life and I am grateful for the overwhelming support World Hijab Day has gotten. Alhamdulilah (Praise be to Allah)!!! My journey to becoming a Muslim started as one simple curiosity. I never had the intention to accept Islam. I simply wished to know more as I became curious both because of the Muslim friendships I had developed on social media and all the negative news about Islam.

I knew better than to judge anything without actually educating myself outside of the mainstream media. I casually inquired into authentic Islamic sources and spoke to and directed my questions to my Muslim friends. I was drawn to Islam because of the way my Muslim friends conducted themselves, their mannerisms, and how happy and peaceful they appeared to be. After a year, I took my Shahadah (testimony of Islamic faith) as I wanted to be sure if I could commit myself as I knew it would mean a lot of changes in pretty much all aspects of my life. Dressing as a Muslim in Canada has its challenges and I appreciate those who show respect and tolerance for the freedom to practice one’s faith and choice of dress and I show the same respect back.

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