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Half hijab ‘hide and seek’ game

By Iman Wong (Singapore) I embraced Islam in the year of 1978, Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah). I have to admit that the first time I took my shahadah (testimony of faith) in 1978, it was mere lip service  without much ‘real’ commitment but I told myself I got to start somewhere and somehow. Being a free thinker all the time …

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A Calling

By Tish Addams My hijab-wearing journey has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. I am blessed to be born Muslim and I initially started wearing Hijab when I was 18 – prompted by my then-boyfriend. I felt restricted at the time, like I was forced to, even though I was not. I later realized that I did …

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One white rose in a bouquet of red roses

By Maryam Raja (Chicago, IL) The first time I donned the hijab was back in sixth grade. This was a time when I still had a grasp onto my childhood, but was eager to enter into adolescence. Going to an elementary school where the Muslim population was low, I looked and felt different from the rest of my peers. I was …

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