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Thank you for letting me walk with you for a day

By Christine Smith (Christian-Canada) This was my second WHD but my first wearing a hijab to work. I was worried that upon entering a building filled with hundreds of people who know me without a covering, that I would be judged or stared at, or maybe questioned about my motives. I wasn’t sure. What struck me was the normality of it …

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Today is the day of our queens, princesses and sultanas

By Sedina Pašalić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Today, women and men went out on the streets in several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There were two reasons for this occasion. The first one was to celebrate the World Hijab Day and to show support for all Muslim women. As one man wrote: “Today is the day of our queens, princesses and …

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To each their own

By Alyson Core (Christian-USA) My husband, Andrew, and I ended up heading to Meijer after he got home from work to pick up a few things, and the trip solidified why I love living in Columbus. My daughter, Andariel’s fascination with my shiny scarf, and my husband’s support made me super confident leaving the house. Upon arriving, I received some …

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I got a better understanding behind the tradition of the hijab

By Mary (Christian-USA) Memphis Central High School gathered together to raise awareness for our hijab wearing sisters today! Our school’s international club came up with the idea to make this day a school wide event. As soon as I walked into the school I saw a huge group of ladies all getting help with their scarves. Seeing so many people …

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A misconception in the 21st century is that “The hijab is oppressing women”

By Ryane Fyith-Mcarthur (Canada) Wearing the Hijab for more than 5 years has allowed me to feel more empowered and beautiful than ever. At times, wearing the hijab was challenging and felt degrading to my confidence because I was always different and I never fit in. These challenges have made me feel stronger and have improved my Emaan(Faith). A misconception …

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I believe in a world where we all have freedom of expression

By Mandy Darmody (Australia) On this World Hijab Day, and as an agnostic, non-Muslim, I wear this headscarf in celebration of diversity and to show my continued solidarity and support of my Muslim sisters and brothers. I deplore discrimination of any kind, especially that which is unfounded, uneducated and perpetuated by scare mongering world leaders and mainstream media. I believe in …

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