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She was honorable

By Christy Crouse (USA)

It was the way my guy friends would lower their gaze and suddenly change their entire demeanor that drew me to Islam. When a woman in hijab passed, they would all stop in their tracks, look at the floor and display shyness. I did not understand why so I asked why, and they told me the word in which I never equated with women before that day, they told me she was honorable.

In a sub-culture of society where honor only defined the armed forces, I never imagined that just because I was a female, I could deserve that honor, as I kept looking I learned that it is Allah who bestows honor. This was one of the reasons I became a Muslim many years ago.

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  1. i have always worn the hijab but never knew how much impact it has on some one. but after reading all these stories of other muslim ladies and their experience it has brought tears to my eyes. i did not know how lucky i was. i will never take my hijab for granted. jazakallah kheir

  2. Oh Hijab! My Hijab, my Identity, I wondered the early muslims ability, the command came from the incomparable Majesty, despite series of persecution and hostility. Oh Hijab! The garment of beauty, the enchanter of quality of my personality, the essence of my reality, the preserver of my dignity and integrity. Oh Hijab! The harbinger of morality, the re definer of my nobility, the assurance of my tranquility, humidity and security. Oh Hijab! Its all the property I have (mujeebat). Proudest muslimah