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Question & Answer

1.Do I need to attend any event in order to be part of WHD?
No, we simply ask sisters to wear the hijab wherever they might be on February 1st.

2.I’m a non-Muslim and I want to participate in WHD. Will I offend Muslims if I don the hijab?
No, not at all! We would love to have your support. This event is for women of all faiths.

3.I want to participate but I do not own a hijab. How can I participate?
Grab your most favorite scarf and use it as a hijab. There are countless of hijab tutorial videos on youtube. 

4.How do I take part in World Hijab Day (WHD)?
You can be a participant, volunteer, ambassador, and/or sponsor.

5.How can I involve my non-Hijabi/non-Muslim friends?
Simply inform them of WHD and ask them if they would like to participate. You can spend the whole day with them by educating and helping them put on the hijab.

6. Is World Hijab Day an innovation/Bidah?

“It is not a celebration. It is only creation of awareness and a day to learn more about Hijab. Just like we have specified times for school or for learning anything else. More like a one day course. It is simply a means of achieving awareness. It is not a celebration. We are introducing hijab to those who don’t know or don’t have the courage. Nobody ever says hijab is only a duty for one day in the year. But let’s face facts, many Muslim sisters don’t wear hijab and many non-Muslims are fighting it either due to ignorance or intentionally. This is merely an opportunity to reach out to them. Like we have weekend street dawah once a month or more or less, there is nothing wrong in doing this every weekend or every month or every year.”-Mufti Ismail Menk

“World Hijab Day would does not constitute a “bidah” even according to the strictest understanding of it. The Hijab is part of the religion and this is simply an opportunity to invite people to try it. No one is claiming that wearing Hijab for 24 hours replaces the permanent obligation of it. If anything, it’s an invitation to Muslim women to try it in hopes they may fully embrace it, and an invitation to non- Muslim women to try it to appreciate its beauty and the struggles that come with it. It does not fall under “an act of worship” but instead an act of advocacy. I fully endorse this effort and encourage others to as well.”-Sheikh Omar Suleiman