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  1. The best form of support Masjids can give is to hold a Khutbah prior to World Hijab Day (Saturday, Feburary 1st, 2014) on the topic of Hijab and its importance and to highlight the importance of Dawah about Hijab, which is crucial in these times as Hijab is being maligned. It would be an honor if WHD was mentioned and the congregation was asked to participate as well as promote.
  2. 2. Hold an Open House/Open Masjid event wherein Community members, both Muslim and Non-Muslim can learn about Hijab.
  3. 3. Hold a Hijab Drive, prior to WHD wherein people can donate Hijabs for those who will participate on World Hijab Day to wear. This event can also have a table wherein World Hijab Day material is passed out. WHD material can be found here: https://worldhijabday.com/category/get-involved/download/
  4.  Organize and start up Hijab Halaqas, led by Sisters of the Community,that will continue even after WHD. our goal is to leave a positive impact even after the event is done.
  5. Create a ‘My Masjid’s World Hijab Day’ video. A compilation of the beautiful members of your community and a showcase of all the hard work and efforts you put forth to spread knowledge, awareness and appreciation of Hijab and  upload the video on your youtube channel and share the link with us. May Allaah reward you greatly.