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Yet all hope was not lost

By Aiman Kulsoom Rizvi (Delhi, India)

This would be the first time where I actually stood up for a cause that I believed in 100%. I am born a Muslim yet the essence of Islam I have begun to grasp only recently. I have grown up in Saudi Arabia and came to India for my graduation in 2011. Believe me when I say this, there is a gross amount of ignorance amongst the Muslims themselves regarding the hijab.

I did this small [World Hijab Day] campaign in my college campus. Being a Sunday was relatively less crowded but the experience has been life changing. I stood in areas where people would come by more, and most just passed us with barely a glance, Muslims included. In fact, one of them was a hijabi herself and yet refused time for us. This isn’t surprising, given that people here have an ‘everything goes’ attitude. Some of them started their own discussion instead of approaching us directly.

Yet all hope was not lost. People slowly started coming up to us and asking us what a hijab was about and what the world hijab day was. An incredible response with some girls voluntarily asking to wear the hijab and get their pictures clicked for this awareness program. Slowly but steadily, through awareness programs and lectures and education, I believe we can help people acquire tolerance for one another, which is so crucial right now in our times. An initiative like this is truly commendable. Thanks for celebrating the hijab!

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