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WHD Graphics Package

These are some ways you can help make the ‘World Hijab Day’ event successful, insha’Allah.

  • Change your Facebook/Twitter/instagram, etc. profile picture to World Hijab Day default picture.
    LIKE and invite your friends to https://www.facebook.com/WorldHijabDay.
  • Tweet to random people the following: Feb.1st is #WorldHijabDay: an open invitation to Muslims & non-Muslims to wear Hijab for a day. Info:http://worldhijabday.com
  • Print out World Hijab Day Flyers , Brochure, and post it in your Masjid, School, University, etc. And, don’t forget to hand it out to the public!

WHD Graphics Package Download

Social Media Profile:

Social Media Profile

WHD Social Media Profile Download

WHD Facebook Cover:

WHD Facebook Cover Download

WHD Flyer:

WHD Flyer Download