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People looked me in the eyes rather than my body

By Nancy (Jewish-Nebraska, USA) Thanks to my dear friend Faouziya, I learned about and participated in my first World Hijab Day. It was a wonderful and eye opening experience! I received a few stares at the grocery store, however the majority of people I encountered were kind and acted normally towards me. The biggest difference I experienced was that when I …

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Hijab: A Life Changing Expression of Beauty

By Katrina (Christian, USA) World Hijab Day marks a beautiful, new beginning to a more enlightened spiritual journey for me. I have never worn a Hijab before this moment. As a Christian, my hijab represents a stand for true beauty and modesty. It also represents a connection with millions of women around the globe who share that same sentiment. Without …

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Honor to walk side by side with Muslim Women

By Dragana Chubrilo (non-Muslim, Croatia) It was an honor to walk side by side my Muslim friends who are part of my life for 30 years. My best friend is Muslim and nothing can change the way I feel about her. And what I feel is love, true friendship, support in every bad moment I had in my life. And we …

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