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If I was oppressed, I would’ve called the police

By Nika Apriliani (Indonesia) “Don’t you ever feel…. You know…. [hands gesturing around face and neck] like……. You know….” “Oppressed?” I answered back. “Yeah?” I laughed a little. It was nice that someone was concerned for my safety because of all of the stereotypes, but at the end of the day, I wanted to wear it. It was my decision …

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“A leap of Faith”

By S. Khan  (Canada) “The psychology of Islam is modesty. Your beauty is not your physical beauty – it is your soul. The rest is clay.” Although not as noticeable as a result of the lighting, in this image, titled “A leap of Faith” I merged the hijab with the wings, so that they become one, resemble one another and represent …

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