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I was not ‘ready’

By Shahina Bint Islam ( Birmingham, UK) I’ve always known hijab to be an obligation and an Islamic duty for Muslim women. Yet, never felt confident enough to observe it as I thought I was not ‘ready’. However, I loved and envied sisters who covered themselves, Masha’allah, they had a strength and humbleness that I didn’t possess. I started reading the …

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Non-Muslim In Niqaab

By Catalina (Atheist, USA) I’ve been a hijabi for about 9 months now. While I am not religious, I appreciate how I feel the hijab liberates me as a woman and allows me more control over my body and the message I want to say to the world. I was very excited about World HIjab Day this year because I wanted …

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“A leap of Faith”

By S. Khan  (Canada) “The psychology of Islam is modesty. Your beauty is not your physical beauty – it is your soul. The rest is clay.” Although not as noticeable as a result of the lighting, in this image, titled “A leap of Faith” I merged the hijab with the wings, so that they become one, resemble one another and represent …

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador in Niqab

By Farah Rahim ( Malaysia) I was going through a tough time in my life that I questioned Allah (SWT) about it, astagfirullah (I ask Allah for forgiveness). Trying to find the answers, I attended a parenting course by my daughter’s private Islamic preschool Dzul Iman. The Khalifah Parenting course changed how I view life on earth, 180degrees totally. I learnt …

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