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Being covered doesn’t limit us

By  Nudžejma I’ve been wearing hijab for almost 8 years. My Hijab is beautiful part of me. Material covering my hair should not make me seem withdrawn or creepy. If you ask me, I think it makes me more open to answering questions and hearing comments. I think it makes me different. I think it makes me strong. Being covered …

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A former Atheist’s journey to Hijab

By Nadya (Russia) I am a very recent convert to Islam (former Catholic, then former atheist). But I have always loved the hijab and admired hijabis. In my opinion, hijab is beautiful. Hijab is liberating because it allows women to choose who is permitted to see their beauty given by Allah (swt). This World Hijab Day (WHD), I wore my hijab …

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My road to self-discovery

By Aminah Jahan (Malaysia) Every time I took a selfie without hijab, I would have a strong desire to upload it on social media so that I could get as many likes and compliments as my non-hijabi friends. However, at the same time, it reminded me of the significance of hijab. The word hijab, for me, has many powerful meanings. …

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Hijab-A true struggle

By Salma Aftoz  I’m from Bangladesh. I have been living in Vienna, Austria, for almost 12 years now. I started wearing hijab about more than 2 years ago. Living in a Christian country, I realized that wearing the hijab is a true struggle- against environment , society, & most things that constitute the modern western lifestyle. But for me, it is …

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A token of acceptance

By Barbara Poley (Australia) We had a wonderful event in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia introducing many skeptical women to the joy of wearing hijab. After the event we received the following message from one of the participants: Dear friends, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting us to learn more about you at your World Hijab Day …

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Because we are queens

By Amaly Yossef (St. Louis, USA) I have been wearing the hijab for 9 years and could not be more grateful. The hijab has made me feel confident and beautiful for the sake of Allah. There are many struggles that come with being an American-Muslim woman who wears hijab, however, it has only made me stronger. Each day I walk out …

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