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The day I walk out of my house without this scarf would not be a day to be celebrated

By Toqa Badran (New York) The hardest part about wearing a hijab, for me, is knowing that if I take it off, almost everyone would applaud me for being strong and courageous. No one would see that my willpower and pride had been broken. People would clap when I would actually need them to mourn with me and realize that …

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Sisters in America: World Hijab Day Photo Shoot Supports Marginalized American-Muslim Women

By: Shireen Hakim, MS, MPH, RDN, Writer in a Headscarf Touched by a stranger’s sincere and eager public Facebook post, on Wednesday February 1st I visited her house to help her and her non-Muslim friends style themselves in hijabs, in honor of World Hijab Day. Kim Mulligan’s World Hijab Day photo shoot was a beautiful, unique initiative by non-Muslim women …

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Kiara’s veil experience at her Church

Kiara Walker (Muslim, New York) I wasn’t a born Muslim.  I was raised as a Christian, Seventh- Day Adventist to be exact. And some things in Christianity that I found to be very similar to Islam were: We preferred eating halal/kosher, valued modesty and stayed away from alcohol, unclean meats (pork, etc.) and these were very relevant to me. So, …

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